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In this blog we discuss the very basis fundamental knowledges about An Introduction to Organic Chemistry.

Organic chemistry is also known as carbon chemistry


Organic compound is also known as carbon compound


All carbon compounds are not organic compound like CO2 and CO


German scientist Wholer was able to produce organic compound from inorganic compound.  He first formed Urea CO(NH2)2 from ammonium cyanate NH4CNO.  He is regarded as father of Organic Chemistry


Catenation property

Carbon can form a long chain by linking with each other.  It is a unique property of carbon


Properties of Organic Compound

  1. It must contain carbon atom
  2. They are covalent
  3. They have low boiling and melting point
  4. They are non-electrolyte
  5. Homologous series can be formed
  6. Isomers are formed


C2H6O  —–à  1.   C2H5OH (ethyl alcohol)     2.    CH3-O-CH3  (dimethyl ether)


  1. Soluble in organic solvent


Classification of organic compound


It is broadly categorized into 1.  Open Chain Compound and 2.  Closed Chain Compound


Open Chain further classified into 1.  Saturated compound  eg. All paraffins or alkanes

  1. Unsaturated compound eg. Ethylene and acetylene


Closed Chain further classified into  1.  Homocyclic compound and 2.  Heterocyclic compound


Homocyclic compound further classified into 1.  Aromatic  eg.  Benzene  C6H6
Alicyclic eg. Cyclobutane C4H8 and cyclopropane


Heterocyclic compound eg.  Pyrimidine


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