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In this blog “Daily Duties of Personal Assistant to the PRINCIPAL” we will discuss about the detailed daily duties of Principal.


Daily Duties of Personal Assistant to the PRINCIPAL


  1.  He is supposed to see each and every classes after each period, if the teachers are present or not and apprise the status to the Principal or Vice Principal.


  1. Tabulate the marks Weekly test, unit test, H.Y. examination and Annual examination.


  1. Assist the teacher in the laboratories


  1. Should do the results so that there should not be any error in the mark sheets.


  1. Entering all the data regarding attendances of the students, teaching and nonteaching staffs everyday.


  1. To type out all the certificates and get it signed by the Principal and Vice Principal.


  1. Doing the sitting arrangement during examination.


  1. Receiving the guests.


  1. Giving appointment to the guests and guardian over telephone.


  1. Daily report on Collection of fees.


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