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In this blog  Detailed Daily Duties of a Principal we have discussed what are things to by done a Principal everyday.

Detailed Daily Duties of a principal in the school


Principal must be experienced, hardworking, punctual and honest.


  1.  Analyzing the results and discuss it with the subject teachers for abnormally high score and abysmally low scores.
  2.   At the end of the day, The Principal is supposed to check all the attendance registers, statistical registers, notice registers, substitution registers, class record register and marks registers etc.  Keep all these registers together with rector of the school in a wooden shelf, if possible make a  soft copy of the records by the PA to Principal.
  1.  Holding a monthly guardian meeting with one of the authorities.  Arrange tea and cold water for the guardians with proper notice to the teacher, and guardian.
  1. Holding tri-monthly non teaching staff meeting with notice.  Always with distribute some sweets at the end.
  2. Holding weekly departmental head meeting preferably on Monday with notice.
  3. Holding weekly meeting with hostel warden, preferably on Monday with notice.
  4. Holding weekly meeting with teachers with notice.
  5. Holding meeting with House Master preferably on Friday (weekly) and Check the house activity register.
  6. Giving diary entry to the errant students
  7. Sign the hostel check out and check in register for students and staffs, and hostel activity register.
  8. Sign the daily expenses register of hostel and school.
  9. Sign class record register by visiting the classes.
  10. Sign the lesson plan and teacher’s diary.
  11. Sign the permissions in the small slip of paper of the students and letter for leave of absence.
  12. Sign the record of the weekly class test in the marks register.
  13. Sign all sorts of certificates (TC, Clearance, Salary, Character, Experience, etc).
  14. Sign the visitors register.
  15. Sign the prepared statistical register.
  16. Sign the prepared class substitution register.
  17. Sign the prepared invigilation list during the examination time.
  18. Checkout the fluency of English in the school.
  19. Checking owns class work copies, homework copies, preparing owns lesson plan and go to class in due time.
  20. Checking the e-mail account of the board and own e-mail account.
  21. Checking the spelling and handwriting of students.
  22. Check out the QPs, if the teachers have followed the KUAS and sending the same for the printing.
  23. Check the printouts of the QPs, and make the necessary correction work.
  24. Checking attendance registers of staffs and students regularly.
  25. Checkout the status of drinking water and toilet’s condition.
  26. Checking out the status of the syllabus completed and tallying with the print out of syllabus.
  27. Checking out the punctuality of the teachers and students.
  28. Checking out the heavy H.W. given from Class V to Class X on Friday. And Record Register on Monday
  29. Checking out the formal dresses and leave applications of the teachers.
  30. Checking out every aspect of Laboratories and Library.
  31. Checking all the C.W. copies and H.W. copies/answer scripts during examination being a head examiner.
  32. Checkout for all the details of the Theoretical and Practical examinations of Std. IX, X, XI and XII before sendingto the board.
  1. Checking out the books from discontinued teacher from his custody.
  2. Checking out the security of school and fire fighting devices.
  3. Checking out, if all the teachers are following the educational policy made by the PRINCIPAL.
  4. Check out the complaint box every day.
  5. Collect the lesson plan from all the teachers on Monday and distribute on Friday.
  6. Changing the non performer from the portfolios.
  7. Class supervision of the teachers twice a month.
  8. Giving Holiday H.W. Taking the report of defaulter of H.H.W. after the vacation and enter the names in Student_Case_Diary. Collect the Names of the students and teachers those who were absent in the last day and first day of the vacation.
  9. Give responsibility to the class teacher to check out the cleanliness of the students.
  10. Giving appointments to the visitors.
  11. Meeting the visitors with appointments.
  12. Go to survey, and do some social work like blood donation, environment protection, road safety, symposium, seminer work shop of teaching etc. with press conference. And prepare a report of it.
  1. Keeping an eye on general discipline of the students, teaching and non teaching staffs.
  2. Keeping an eye on the general rules and regulation during examination, corrections & scrutiny.
  3. Keeping an eye on quality of food served in Canteen.
  4. Keeping an eye on examination procedure. Prepare syllabi after the examination or yearly.
  5. Keeping an eye on teaching aids and school property.
  6. Keeping the notice board teachers and the students active.
  7. Keeping an eye on yearly duties of Principal.
  8. Keeping an eye on the cleanliness of class rooms and whole premises of the school. Class rooms should be cleaned with phenyl everyday.
  1. To ensure the programs for weak students and gifted students.
  2. Fill up feedback form of the students and teachers in each month.
  3. Checking out Complaint from the complaint box.
  1. Take feedback from the Cashier, V.P., Rector and Data entry operator every day.
  2. Filling up no action taken by the management folder.
  3. Track the internet users.
  4. Tracking the fees defaulter and increase monthly collection.
  5. Take the clearance certificate from the all the departments of that teacher, then give the salary and experience Certificate.
  1. Purchasing Bengali, Hindi and English newspapers and magazines for the Library.
  2. Calling the interviewees and interviewers, after downloading the C.V. or from the letter.
    Taking interview of the teacher, Mentioning the date of joining in the register of the teacher.
  1. Full filling the formalities of the admission of the students.
  2. Visit hostel and Keeping an eye on the boarder’s performance.
  3. Writing Notice to the teacher, students and guardians.
  4. Enter the names of the students in Student_Case_Register with date, next day, check it if it is duly signed by theGuardian.

List of Punishments of the disobedient students:

  1. a) Not speaking in English. Fine- Rs.X
  2. b) Late coming.  Fine- Rs.X
  3. c) Breaking the school property:  Forfeiting the caution money
  4. d) Breaking rules and regulation of the school:

Firstly, Verbal warning

Secondly, Diary note, duly signed by the guardian, Teacher will check that

Thirdly, in case of severe problem- Guardian call through Principal

Fourthly, if it is more severe- Suspension

Fifthly, exemplary punishment- Rustication from the school



  1. Sign the daily expenses register.
  2. Sending money to bank everyday & checking passbook.
  3. Disburse salary for all the staffs.


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