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Do’s and Dont’s Of a Professional and Competent Teacher

Respected Teachers across the World:

In this blog we will discuss what are Do’s and Dont’s Of a Professional and Competent Teacher.  I am writing this Blog for the entire teacher community because teaching is not a Profession but it is a Devotion.

The teacher deserves respect from the society because they make Professionals in the society.

So the society is always indebted to the teachers.  Teachers are Gurus, and  they are compared with the full moon.  It is because, as the moon removes the darkness of the earth similarly Gurus removes the darkness of mind from the students.  I am indebted to my Gurus.  What are depicted below I learned from my Gurus and through my walk of life.

Just ask yourself…………………………………

“Why I wanted to become a teacher “‘? 

Does your answer matches any one of them given below:

  1. Is it for a simple BUSINESS
  2. Do you want to become your own BOSS
  3. Do you want to become a CELEBRITY
  4. Do you want to ADVENTURE out
  5. Do you want to show a COMMITMENT towards the Society
  6. Just for a LEGACY
  7. For any particular CAUSE
  9. It is a perfect hassle free PROFESSION
  10. Do you want to show DEVOTION
  11. Do you want to serve the NATION

Whatever may be the answer.  To become a competent teacher, you may follow the following guidelines.

Being a teacher always follow the following ethics and technique to become a Popular, professional teacher (Professional means when a person does time bound job and error free job) and competent teacher.


  1. You must greet the students and must ask them to stand up when you enter into the classroom.  And just have a quick browse over the class if all students are looking fresh or not
  2. Teach the topic in stimulus and response type
  3.    Put thought provoking question because questioning is an art
    To keep the class dynamic putting question is must
    Avoid chorus answer therefore always try to know at least the names of few students
  4.  To teach Jack Latin you have to know Jack as well as Latin
    To know Jack, maintain a professional (Teaching is not a profession but a devotional), personal and ethical         relationship with Jack
  5.  Teach the student about Good HABITS
    It is because the word HABIT itself is very notorious
    If you forget ‘H’……………ABIT remains
    If you forget ‘A’………………BIT remains
    If you forget ‘B’………………..IT remains
  1. During evaluation see the reliability and validity of the question

And follow KUAS rule.

a.  There must be Knowledge type of question
b.  There must be Understanding type of question
c.  There must be Application type of question
d. There must be Skill of question

  1. Education is the lightening of one lamp from another and a real teacher is like a lighted lamp, once the                 teacher seizes to learn the light goes out…………  Tagore.

So being a teacher you should not give up studying.   Keep on studying.

  1.   All are equal in your eyes.  Practice before you preach. Be impartial
  2.   Teacher must be innovative
  3.   Teach from simple to complex. This is the maxim of teaching
  4.    You have to know School is a miniature society.  Please follow the rules and regulations of the school
  5.   Teach the student Values (economical and emotional), Punctuality, self Discipline
  6.    Always ask the last bench if you audible up to the last bench. Your voice should not cross the threshold
  7.  WHAT is not important in the school but WHY is important
    Eg. What the students are asking is not important but Why the students are asking is important
  8.   Teach the communal harmony, one must try to find Ali in Dewali and Ram in Ramzan
  9.   Education manifestation of the perfection already in man
  10.   A Teacher should be friendly and keep an honorable distance with the students and colleagues
  1.    A good lecture is long enough to cover the topic and short enough to create the interest
  2.     Do not say no to your Principal Sir
  3.    Always encourage questions to be put and try to give answer.   Also at same time other students to listen

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Finally, Wishing all of you a Very Very Happy and Prosperous Teacher’s Day.


See you in my next blog post.


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  • Sarmistha Singha

    Being a teacher myself, I appreciate the author’s efforts in bringing forth the various aspects of choosing this profession. I couldn’t agree more that teaching being a noble profession is to a great extent ‘devotion’ rather than just a means of earning one’s livelihood. Reading and writing and history and arithmetic are only important if they serve to make our students more human and teachers have a great role in bringing this change.

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