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In this blog we will discuss about the Duties of a Chairman. The school management of an affiliated should provide following requirements for the smooth running  institution.


1)  Salary: On the due date, and all the permanent staffs must get the full salary.
Otherwise they may work unprofessionally and you have got nothing to say.  Salary date should be within the first day of the month.

2)  Principal’s chamber, teacher’s room,  class rooms, library, lawn, lavatories and laboratories should be up to the standard.  Library, lawn, lavatories and laboratories are known as four Ls.  At least two Almirahs are required for keeping question papers and secret documents of the school in Principal’s room.

3)  Minimum amenities for Principal: Provide a free furnished quarter to the Principal and a vehicle.      Look after the Staffs, then the staffs will look after the school.

4)  C.P.F. should be given according to the pay scale.

5)   D.A. should be given according to the pay scale to the permanent staff.

6)  Confirmation letter should be given.

7)  Proper maintaining of Service record book.

8)  Medical benefits benefits are to be given to all the permanent employees.

9)  There should be two computer literate lab. Assistants (for four labs that are Physics, Chemistry, Biology,


10)  Leave regulations should be made according to the rules

11) Everybody should follow the decorum of the school before teaching anything.
i) President and Secretary:  See the duties of the management
ii) Teachers:    See the rules for the student
iii)  Students:  See the rules for the student
iv) Clerk:  See the rules for the clerk
v) Group D staff:  See the rules for the Group D staff
vi) Guardians:  See the rules for the guardians
vii) Security:  See the rules for the Security.

12.  The classroom should be well aerated by electric fans and well illuminated by electric bulbs. In case of
power cut generator system should work properly .

13.  Classroom should be well cleaned with Jharu, jute, water and phenyl.
A Record should be maintained.

14.  Pure drinking water should be available in the school premises, and in each floor.

  1. Separate toilet for teachers and students, which should be neat and clean. Should be cleaned by the full timer twice a day.  Girl’s toilet must have a covered bin.
  1. School premises should be well protected.

Ground floor and Second Floor should be protected with iron Grills.

  1. Re-checking of the class work notebooks in the lower classes by senior teachers and correction of the

lesson plan by the H.O.D. or teacher co-ordinator.  The H.O.D. must be B.Ed. or must have five years

experience in a well reputed school.


  1. Time Schedule:

Babyland:  2 hrs.

L.K.G. – U.K.G.:  3 hrs.

Std. I- Std. IV:  4 and 1/2 hrs.

Std. V- Std. XII:  6 hrs.


  1.  A Cycle stand, a Telephone booth, a Complaint box and a First aid box must be present within the school premises and a good Canteen facility for teacher and student.
  2. There should be separate boy’s common room and girl’s common room.
  3. Well equipped teachers’ room for teachers and Common room for students.
  4. There should be separate smoking zone for the teachers.
  5. The School must have its own School Magazine where the students will express their views.
  6. Toys are required for teaching pre-primary classes.
  7. Credences of the teachers of class IX and X should be good. And an agreemental appointment.
  8. General discipline and cleanliness of the student are very vital.
  9. Principal’s guide book for the running and guiding the teachers.
  10. There only be eight periods, with minimal 40 minutes recess and 10 minutes small break between secondperiod and third period.  It is because- Principal can hold meeting with the teachers and a lagging students can complete their notes in that period.
  11. School timings should be Unbiased. No one should come after gate gets closed.
  12. Dresses both formal and informal (P.T.) Suggestions: Sports days must be only white shirts, white trousers and canvass shoes with green, yellow, red, and blue batches.
  13. There should be Two I-cards for the junior students, one will be with the student and the other will bewith the guardian upto class:  Nursery to Std IV.  There should be Two I-cards for the senior students, one will be with the student and the other one will be with students up to Std V to Std XII.
  14. All staff must have the identity card.
  15. Teachers should get the school diary and specimen copy of the books for smooth running of the administration.
  16. There should be proper functioning of:
  17. i) Education council:         ii)  Finance committee:           iii)  Teachers’ forum:                                                              iv) All staff forum:           v)  Managing committee:       vi)  Guardian Forum:
  18. Special programs for gifted students (Unified Council Examination) and for poor students / slow learners(Special Coaching classes after school and the full time teachers will take that classes)
  19. Principal will take 2 classes per day and rest of the time he will do the administrative jobs.
  20. Chairs for the Guardians in front of the Principal’s office with a fan. Good cutlery and crockery system should be there in the school for the proper reception of the guest.  Preferably a Parlor for guardians.
  21. Condition of School office should be good with the computer, printer, stationery etc and trained staffs.
  22. Fresh batch of teachers in all classes are needed. And no change of teacher in the mid of the session
  23. There should be proper visiting hour for the Principal and one must take prior appointment from Principal.
  24. Visitors register should be strictly maintained.
  25. Strict rules in the hostel, if you want to run the hostel.
  26. No social service so far teaching is concerned.
  27. The teacher should put on formal dresses.
  28. Leave of absence letter of the students and teachers should be maintained strictly.
  29. Good computer in fees collection section.
  30. The entire examination system should be as directed by C.B.S.E.
  31. Weekly tests and feedback system are must.
  32. Students should take interest in Academics as well as Sports, Co-Curricular activities, Music, NCC, and community development and etc.
  33. There should be prize distribution ceremony for both Sports and Academics.
  34. Conditions of Notebook, handwriting, reading and spelling and Spoken English should be improved by adopting proper policy.
  35.  A.V. room should be well decorated.
  36. Condition of the computers should be good with the Internet facility present. And the faculty should mainatain the machine records.
  37. Notice boards for the teachers (in one of boards there must routine) and for the students should be in good quality. And those should be very active.
  38. Morning assembly should be under the shade.
  39. Separate attendance register for the administrators.
  40. There should be a one teacher co-ordinator from Std. Babyland to Std. IVMr.  And another teacher co-ordinator from Std. V to Std. XII
  41. There should be an Examination-In-Charge from Std. Babyland to Std. XII
  42. Therel should be a rector of the school.
  43. Every year there should be a proper cultural program.
  44. Saraswati puja is must with Lunch.
  45. PRINCIPAL, VP and Teacher coordinators must get the copy of everything.
  46. Giving orders for new benches and chairs after every year.
  47. Making new class rooms for higher classes.
  48. Making a library room, this should be equipped with good dailies, magazines and books.
  49. Purchasing new computers for the computer lab and hire a good professional computer teacher and a lab assistant for teaching computer. And he is suppose to maintain the records of the all the internet users and conditions of the machines of the classes. Immediately, ten computers are required in the computer laboratory with internet facility.  Or give lease to the other organization for computer teaching, and take the fees from the guardian.  Make the computer room A.C.
  50. Disbursing fund for purchasing few articles for the laboratories (Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics and Computer.)
  51. Both the school gates must be in operation during the rush hour.
  52. We should follow the national policy of Education.
  53. Separate register for teaching staffs, non teaching staffs, aunties, drivers-vanwalas and Administrators.
  54. The school must have the user friendly website for propaganda.
  55. Regular Maintenance of vehicles. Eg. Van, jeep, bus are done or not. See the record.

The record should comply:

i) The bus should contain a First Aid Box.

ii) The bus should contain a Fire extinguisher.

iii)  The bus should contain rods in the windows.

iv) The bus should contain spaces for keeping bags.

v) The bus should contain an emergency door.

vi) The bus driver should have driving license for five years.

vii)  The bus should contain new tires in the front wheel.

viii)  The bus should contain all the relevant papers ready.

ix) The bus should have serviced at regular interval.

x) The  bus should have a khalasi while plying.

The school must have a good A.V. room. Only a projector is required, with curtain for making dark inside.

  1. First study and then dress code.
  2. The school must have reward and punishment system.
  3. Give a good computer in fees collection department.

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