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In this blog we will discuss about the various types of Functional Groups of Organic Compound.



A group of atoms responsible for the characteristic reactions of a particular compound


Functional groups


-OH             is an alcohol group

-CHO          is an aldehyde group

-CO-            is a ketone group

-COOH       is a carboxyl or acid group

-NH2               is an amino group

-CONH2      is an amide group



Now let us check out the compounds when these functional groups get added with the methyl group


CH3-OH                =      Methyl alcohol


CH3-CHO              =      Acetaldehyde


CH3-CO- CH3        =       Acetone


CH3-COOH           =         Acetic acid


CH3-NH2               =          Methylamine


CH3-CONH2       =         Acetamide



Berzelius in 1817 recognized that organic compounds are made up of compound radicals – the radicals being linked to one another in the compound.  The structural formula of a given compound readily reveals the radicals present.  Methyl alcohol CH3-OH may be split up into methyl group CH3-  and  hydroxyl radical   -OH

Similarly, Acetic acid CH3-COOH can be split up into methyl group CH3 and carboxyl radical–COOH



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