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In this blog “GUIDELINES OF MAKING QUESTION PAPER” we will discuss how to guide a teacher to make a question paper




Respected Teachers:


You are requested to follow the guidelines when you will make the question paper.


  1. All question papers must be submitted to the headmaster one week prior to the examination, duly signed by the examiner concerned with the submission date.


  1. Questions must be written in clear handwriting. The value rating of each question must be indicated in the right hand margin.


  1. A question should not be lengthy.


  1. According to recent directives, questions should be so framed as to test                                                                          i) knowledge  ii)  understanding  iii)  application  and  iv) skill


  1. A question must judge the knowledge of a student. So to judge the knowledge of a student- give ‘definitions’ in your question paper.
  2. A question must judge that how far a student has understood. So to judge the same – give ‘differentiation’ in your question paper.
  3. A question must judge the application of the students’ knowledge. So to judge the same give ‘problems’.
  4. A question must judge the skill of the students. So to judge the same give ‘diagrams’.

That means a question paper must have KUAS.
K- Knowledge.

U- Understanding

A- Application

S- Skill­


  1.   Further, each test will be proposed through various types of question: Objective type (O),

Very short answer type (V.S.A.) one or two words, Short answer type (S.A.) one or two sentences,

Essay type (E).  These types should be reflected in the questions submitted here and indicated in their

abbreviated form in the left-hand margin.


  1. Check the RELIABILITY and VALIDITY of the Question Paper.









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