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In this blog we discuss the very basic idea about “Homologous Series of Organic Chemistry”.



In organic chemistry a homologous series is a series of compounds with the same general formula

The number of organic compounds is unbelievably large but majority of them have been classified into several series of similar structure or constitutions and chemical properties.  Thus the hydrocarbons methane, ethane propane etc. form a series and is collectively known as paraffin sir alkane.  The alkane may be given the general formula CnH2n+2


The molecular formula of each member of the series  differs from that of another which precedes or follow it by one atom of carbon and two atoms of hydrogen ie. By CH2



Paraffins CnH2n+2


Methane  CH4

Ethane  C2H6

Propane  C3H8

Butane   C4H10

Pentane    C5H12

Hexane    C6H14


Alcohols CnH2n+2.OH


Methyl alcohol   CH3OH

Ethyl alcohol      C2H5OH

Propyl alcohol    C3H7OH

Butyl alcohol      C4H9 OH



A group of atoms responsible for the characteristic reactions of a particular compound


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