Science Reckoner was started to explores the science of teaching and learning in all its dimensions. We examine the impacts of technologies and other social and emotional practices on the process of learning.  What we have seen is that the stress and fear anxiety about science subjects in general is a very severe problem area for most the students and we hope to explore different ways and methods of classroom learning and beyond and employ innovative technologies and mediums and to use the power of the Internet to simplify the process of learning and making it fun at the same time.  We remain focused and committed and work towards that goal and we aim to keep our passionate audience informed through the multiple social media platforms.

So using technology and the power of Internet and the e-Learning process, I wanted to reach out to the students from all around the world and share my knowledge and experience with them through this platform and hence we created Science Reckoner in July of 2017 as an E-Learning Platform to spread and share the knowledge with everyone.  With the effective use of videos and colorful animation, learning becomes much more engaging and ability to interact with students from all around the world in real time is a big advantage for them and also makes the process much more interactive.