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Please check out the points How to do the job of a Scrutinizer


Those who will be the Scrutinizers please comply with the guidelines stated below.


The guidelines stated below


  1. To scrutinize each and every assessed answer script thoroughly.
  2. To check if mark has been awarded to each part of an answer and the total of all such part-marks has been compounded.
  3. To check the over marking.
  4. To check the marks in answer script and corresponding marks in mark sheet.
  5. To check if caging has been done properly.
  6. To check if the examiner has put his/her signature at the front page of the script.
  7. All the correction works in the marks sheet should be done with green ink.  Then please put your initial juxtapose to the examiner’s initial writing RECHECKED or RC whichever is conducive to you.
  8. To scrutinize any unassessed answer and immediately bring to the notice to the examiner.
  9. Any misspelled words not underlined.  Underline with green ink
  10. Should record the nature of mistakes made by the examiner in a sheet of paper and submit the same to the Head Examiner/Principal  (over marking, did not follow the instructions, totaling ).
  11.   Please check out if the top sheet with all the details are present or not, if not get in touch with the

examination controller.

  1.  Please check out if the question paper is attached with the bundle or not, if not get in touch with the    examination controller.





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