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In this blog we have discussed how to evaluate an answer script

Please follow the guidelines in connection with the evaluation of Answer Scripts.


  1. Mark awarded to each part of an answer has to be indicated at the appropriate place, preferable in the left side of the page.
  2. Irrelevant answer to be underlined and zero to be awarded.
  3. Gross marking has to be avoided.
  4. Mark awarded to each answer to be encircled with the question number as suffix.
  5. No question or part thereof should remain unassessed.  (Write carried over and brought forward).
  6. Caging has to be done with question number and marks awarded against each question number at the end of the script.
  7. In case of excess question, the question securing lowest mark has to be indicated as “excess”.
  8. Mark awarded to “excess” answer must not be included in the total.
  9. Over writing on marks awarded has to be avoided.
  10. Any change in mark awarded has to be signed.
  11. Fractional mark in total has to be rounded off.
  12. Flow sheet should be duly signed.
  13. Examiner has to put his/her signature at the appropriate place on the front page of the script.
  14. While posting marks from answer scripts to mark sheet care must be taken as such no discrepancy may occur.
  15. Candidates absent should be indicated by “ab” with red pen in the mark sheet.
  16.  Scripts of wrongly allotted candidates should be informed to the PRINCIPAL immediately.
  17. Prepare one model answer cum instruction sheet.  And marking should be on the basis of question paper.
  18. Examiner has to put his/her signature at the appropriate place in the marksheet
  19. Please do the corrections work with the red pen strictly, then write the marks on the top of answer script and do the initials with the same pen.
  20. Marks posting in the mark sheets with blue pen.


Special care should be taken in the following points

  1. Weigh equally: means allot same marks to everybody for the same answer.  Not 2 for one candidate and 2.5 for the other.
  2. If there is no place to cut marks then do not cut marks, you have to give full marks. You have no right to cut even .5 mark without any reason.
  3. Make a model answer of your Question Paper.
  4. Refer the Q.P. while marking the Answer Script.







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