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Today in this blog we will discuss about the “Importance of Chemical Equation”.


Equation or chemical equation

When a change is expressed with the aid of symbol and formula then it is called as Equation.

Example- Carbon burns in air to produce carbon dioxide.  It is expressed symbolically


C    +    O2    =    CO2

In the above reaction Carbon and oxygen are reactants and carbon dioxide is the product


How to write an equation

Firstly,  the formulae of reactants are written in the left hand side of the equal to sign

Secondly, the formulae of products are written in the right hand side of the equal to sign

Thirdly,  plus sign is used when reactants and products are more than one

Fourthly and Finally the equation is to be balanced so that the numbers of atoms on the right hand side must be equal to number of atoms to the left hand side.

A chemical equation must be balanced because for the conservation of mass, which states that matter cannot be created and nor can be destroyed only transformation is possible.  In a chemical reaction the total mass of reactants remains equal to the total mass of the products, that is why the number of atoms of reactants and product must be equal to comply the law


2Na    +    2H2O    =      NaOH    +    H2


4P    +    5O2    =    2P2O5



Significance of chemical equation

  1. The name of a reactant and products can be known
  2. The number of individual molecules of the reactants and the products can be known
  3. The mass of the individual reactants and product can be known
  4. If the reactant and products are in gaseous state then their volumes can be known

N2    +    3H2    =    2NH3


Now a days all the information regarding a chemical equation are given



N2(g)    +    3H2(g)     ====================  2NH3(g)     +     Q cal
200 atmospheric pressure
Fe catalyst


At 550° C, under 200 atmospheric pressure and with iron catalyst one molecule nitrogen gas combines with three molecules of hydrogen gas to form to form two molecules of ammonia gas with the liberation of heat.

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