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Today we will discuss some interesting question and answer regarding Cells.  This questions are very important as far as board examinations and competitive examinations are concerned.  Please check out the questions and its answers and please feel free to ask where ever you get stuck.  So let us start with the following:  ………………………


Q1)  Name one single cellular Eukaryotic plant
A) Chlamydomonas

Q2)  Name one single cellular Eukaryotic plant but in nature it is found as colony
A) Volvox

Q3)  Name one single cellular Prokaryotic plant
A) Bacteria

Q4)  Name one single cellular Eukaryotic animal
A) Amoeba

Q5)  Name one Smallest cell
A) Mycoplasma

Q6)   Name one largest plant cell
A) Sclerenchyma fibre

Q7)  Name one largest animal cell
A) An ostrich egg

Q8)  Name the largest cell in human
A) A Nerve cell

Q9)  Name a smallest cell in human
A) Sperm cell

Q10)  Name one plant cell which is devoid of nucleus
A) Matured Sieve Tube

Q11)  Name one animal cell which is devoid of nucleus
A) Matured RBC (exception: blood of camel)

Q12) Who first discovered dead cell?
A) Robert Hooke


Q13)  Who first discovered living cell?
A) Antony Von Leeuwenhoek


Q14)  Who first discovered nucleus?
A) Robert Brown

Q15)  Name one plant cell and one animal cell which is multi-nucleated.
A) Plant cell is Voucheria and Animal cell is Voluntary Muscle Cell

Q16)  Name one plant cell where centrosome is absent
A) Chlamydomonas

Q17)  Name few secretory material of a cell
A) Hormones and Enzymes

Q18)  Name few excretory materials of a plant cell
A) Caffeine and Gum

Q19)  Name few excretory materials of an animal cell
A) Urea and Uric acid

Q20)  Name few reserve food matters of a plant cell
A) Starch and Glycogen (only fungi)

Q21)  Name the reserve food matters of an animal cell
A) Glycogen

Q22)  Which cell organelle is known as suicidal bag of a cell
A) Lysosome

Q23)  Which cell organelle is known as kitchen of a cell
A) Plastid

Q24)  Which cell organelle is known as power house of a cell
A) Mitochondria

Q25)  What is Protoplasm?
A) It is the colloidal jelly like structure present within the cell.


Q26)  What is Cytosol?
A) It is the other name of cytoplasm.

Q27)  What is Primordial Utricle?
A) In a mature plant cell when the large vacuole occupies the central position of the cell and      it   pushes the protoplasm towards the periphery then this phenomenon is called as Primordial Utricle.

Q28)  What is tonoplasm?
A) The membrane of vacuole is called tonoplasm


Q29)  What is Dictyosomess?
A) In plants Golgi bodies are called as Dictyosomes.


Q30)  What is polyribosomes?
A) A cluster of ribosomes are called as polyribosomes


Q31)  Name two non-nitrogenous ergastic materials of plant
A) Gum and camphor


Q32)  Name two nitrogenous ergastic materials of plant
A) Resin and tannin


Q33)  What is alkaloid?

A)  Nitrogenous waste products of plant is called alkaloids, eg. caffeine



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