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Today we discuss How Length of a regular surface is measured


What is length?

Length is the distance between any two points or places.  In fact, it is the width, breadth, height, depth, thickness, radius, circumference etc of any object that we measure is the length.


What is a centimeter?

Centimeter is the unit of the length in C.G.S. System.  At O°C the distance between two lines of a

platinum – iridium bar kept at the international bureau of weights and measures at Paris in France is taken as a meter.  The one hundredth part of a meter is a centimeter.


Foot is the unit of length in F.P.S.  At 32°F  the distance between two transverse line on a bronze bar kept at the British Exchequer at London is taken as a yard.  One third of a yard is called a foot.

1 mile = 1760 yards,  1 yard =  3 feet,  1 foot = 12 inches



The units of Length

In CGS system:  cm

In FPS system:  foot

In MKS system:  metre



Multiples and submultiples of metre

10 mm    =    1 cm

100 cm    =    1 metre

1000 metre    =    1 km



Precautions while taking measurements


  1. Placement of the object

Object that is to be measured should be placed on the flat surface.


  1. Placement of rulers

Ruler should be placed along the length of the object to be measured.  The measurement will not be accurate

if the ruler or the metre scale is kept at angularly to the length that is to be measured.  The ruler must be kept

as close as possible to the object.


  1. Ensuring the ‘zero’ mark

You have got to ensure the beginning end of the ruler is placed  at the zero mark properly.


  1. Ensuring the eye position

You have to keep your one eye vertically above the point from where you have to measure keeping another eye
shut while taking the measurement.


  1. Condition of the ruler

The broken ruler, worn out edges ruler and zero mark clearly not visible ruler must be avoided.




Errors that creep in while taking the measurements


  1. Errors due to eye estimation

Eye estimation is never always accurate.  At a time, one point may seem different in views of different

persons.  As such, the accurate one is difficult to recognize.


  1. Zero error

In a scale (generally wooden) the zero point may be not clearly visible.  So measurement should be taken

after making sure the zero mark.


  1. Error in the graduation of the scale

Often when we measure the length of a long object in a metre scale, the smallest gap is mm is not same

throughout due to the manufacturing defect.  So taking the measurement with different scales could

minimize the error.



This is most important error that creeps in while taking the measurements when we do not take the readings

observing perpendicularly.



Measurement of area

The amount of surface covered by an object or a place is called its area


Area of regular geometric shapes can be found by simple measurements and by using the following formulae


Area of a Circle  =  π radius 2

Area of a Triangle  =  1/2base x height

Area of a Rectangle  =  length x breadth

Area of a Square  =  side 2

Sphere  =  4 π radius 2

Circular cylinder  =  2 π radius x height




12 inch  =  1 foot

3 foot  =  1 yard

1760 yard  =  1 mile

1 inch =  2.54 cm

1 metre  =  1.09363 yards  =  39.37 inches

100 metre  =  109.36 yards

1 km  =  0.621 miles

1 mile  =  1.609 km

1 hectare  =  100 acre  =  10000 sq.m.

1 acre  =  4840 sq. yards  =  4840 x 9 sq.ft.


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