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Today we will discuss about the Schematic diagram of plant cells, which is very important so far the basic knowledge about the cell is concerned.

A living cell is broadly categorized into the Cell wall (in case of plant) or Cell membrane (in case of animal) and Protoplasm.

Protoplasm again categorized into cytoplasm and nucleus.

The outer portion of cytoplasm is called ectoplasm and the inner part of the cytoplasm is called endoplasm.

The nucleus is comprised of the following four important divisions.
a) Nucleolus
b) Chromatin reticulum or Nuclear reticulum
c) Nuclear membrane
d) Nucleoplasm

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The cytoplasm contains various types of materials, which are broadly categorized into

  1. Living inclusion and b) non living inclusions

Under living inclusion we do see the following items:

a) Mitochondria

b) Plastids.

These two are called transducers because here energy conversion takes place and they are bounded by double layer membranes.

c) Endoplasmic Reticulum

d) Golgi bodies

e) Lysosomes.  These are called GERL and are single layered membranes.

f) Ribosomes. These naked cell organelle, which are not bounded by any membrane.

Under non living inclusions we do see:

Starch and Glycogen.  These are mainly reserved food matters of plant and animals.

The reserve food matters of plant is Starch (The molecules are straight)

The reserve food matters of Animals and all sorts Fungi are Glycogen (The molecules are branched)

In cytoplasm we do see some secretory materials like different types of Pigments, Enzymes and Hormones.

There are also some excretory material are present in the cytoplasm which are produced due to Metabolism like Gum, resin, latex.

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