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Let us discuss our plans and objectives of creating this Blog:  SCIENCE RECKONER and start exploring the World of Science.



In plans we would like to apprise ………..

Firstly, we would discuss on biology starting from the scratch.

Precisely, we will harp on the very basic fundamental knowledge of science subjects, which would help you to grow the interest on Science.

And until and unless the interest is grown, you will not feel like studying Science at all.

So it is the first and foremost duty of a teacher is to create an interest among the students.

Our job is to open the gate for you all and the rest you will have to explore out on your own.

We think that this would be the perfect approach to make Science more interesting.

We will try our level best to make this website highly interactive where we will follow the stimulus and response rule of teaching.

What is the stimulus and response rule of teaching?

Let me explain.  Here we will give you the stimulus in the form of thought provoking questions ( Questioning is an art ) and you will give me the response in the feedback mode.  Then the sessions will become much more interesting and not boring.  So, what we do believe is that your positive feed back and comments will show us the right path to make each and every Blog worth reading and interesting too.  We are looking forward towards your active and sincere participation in this Blog.

Secondly, We would also like to tell you one bitter truth ………

that Biology is related to Chemistry, Chemistry is related to Physics and Physics is related to Mathematics.  So to be good in Biology you have to have sound fundamental knowledge about Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics.

Because in higher classes you will get lots of chemical formulae and molecular structures in Biology.  So if you do not have the clear knowledge of Chemistry then at some point you will get stuck and loose interest in Biology. 

Please do not take mathematics lightly because Science is all about Calculations and where there are calculations there is Mathematics. 

So we will discuss a little bit of chemistry, physics, and mathematics too.

Then last but not the least, we will discuss Computer Science also because one of the yard sticks of knowledge is Computer Science.

Thirdly, To be good in Biology you have to have the four skills.

  1. Good memory

  2. Good writing skills

  3. Good drawing skills

  4. Good dissection skills


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Let us discuss how to improve our memory.

The memory has three parts

  1. Registration:  It is the entering of the information in the brain.

      So to get the topic registered into brain you can try the following methods

       a) Try to understand the topic properly

       b) Teach that topic to anybody

     c) Use mneumonic like VIBGYOR (Violet, Indigo, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange and Red)

    2.  Retention:  It is the the ability of a person to hold the information in the brain.

    3.  Reproduction:  It is the bringing the information back again, which you                                       have registered in your brain

Reproduction has three parts:

  • Recall:  When stimulus is not in front of you. Example, Writing the definition of any items.  Writing the difference between two items.  Answering the short answer type of question and descriptive type of questions.
  • Recognition:  When stimulus is present right in front of you.  Example, answering the multiple   choice type of questions.


Now we will discuss about the objectives of making the blog.

Firstly, we will follow the first maxim of teaching and that is

               we will go from Simple to Complex.

In my 16 years of teaching career what I have seen is that students do not feel like to study Science due to some fear.  This fear is coming because their basic knowledge is not clear.  So our effort would be to remove the fear from the mind of students.  We are continuously working out different ways on how to remove fear from the mind of the student.

Studying Science would be really a fun for you. 

So please feel free to ask any question in the comments section below should you get stuck anywhere and we will try our level best to remove those doubts from your mind.

So stay fit. Because healthy mind only remains in the healthy body.

See you on my next Blog.


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