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Today we will discuss about the The Different Types of Salts present in the nature, though it is a very short topics but it has got immense importance so far chemistry is concerned.


Normal salt

Normal salt is a compound, which is formed by total displacement of hydrogen atom from the acid by a metal atom.

E.g.  NaCl , KCl , MgCl2 , Ca Cl2 , AlCl3 , ZnCl2, NaPO4



Acidic salt

It is produced by the partial displacement of one or more hydrogen atom

Eg.  NaHSO4,  Na2HPO4,   NaH2PO4,

It is formed from the reaction

NaOH    +     H2SO4    =    NaHSO4     +    H2O



Basic salt

It contains hydroxyl radical.

Eg.  Pb(OH)Cl – basic lead chloride

It is formed from the reaction

Pb(OH)2   +   HCl   =   Pb(OH)Cl  +  H2O


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