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In this blog “The Yearly Duties of a Principal” we have discussed the the things are to be done by a Principal in a school in yearly basis.

The Yearly Duties of a Principal


  1. First week of December- give the reminder of new books by contacting the publishers.


  1. Distribution of specimen copies and school diaries to the teachers. Make sure this event otherwise the entire academic session will be in turmoil.
  1. Making CD of all the events of an academic session.
  2. Holding the meeting with the teachers, non teaching staffs, and managing committee members that how would you want to run the school.  Hold an A.G.M.
  1. Purchasing new registers, files, dusters, blackening the black boards, repairing the bench and table.

Purchasing new lab equipments and stationeries, bill, vouchers, I-Card for students and staffs ,

printouts of all the attendance for one month.

Purchasing new references books for library.

Give orders for salary certificates, clearance certificate, transfer certificate, school pad, top sheets, marks

sheets etc.

Repair School Van, jeeps, bus etc.

  1. Giving advertisement in the newspaper for new teaching staffs.
  2. Appointing new teachers by taking interview and making a panel of it for the whole year with condition.
  3. Arranging excursion for students of Class V and Class X and Class XII.
  4. New class routine, teacher’s routine, New house master, house captain and monitors, departmental heads for new session, Primary in-charge, Secondary in-charge, Higher Secondary in-charge, Examination controller.
  1. Preparation of ACR from the complaint, feedback form and class observation sheet .
  2. Give order for results, certificates (academics and sports) and prize (medals for sports and books in academics).
  1. Making the calendar for the academic year sitting with the house masters and house mistress.
  2. To prepare the syllabus bifurcation for the whole year, and check out the status of the syllabus completed by the teachers from the class teachers respectively just before the examination.
  1. Preparation of new attendance sheets for teachers, students and non teaching staffs.
  2. Getting the entire job done for advertisement, like giving banners, festoons, ad in TVs, handbills


  1. Holding managing committee meeting twice a year with notice.

Sitting with the management members for yearly policies, educational policies, planning, organization,

development, curriculum, control, placing the annual budget, short comings of the school.

For the better transparency between staffs and management, and for the smooth running of the school in

the four Departments  a)  Education, b) Administration and c) Finance d) Public Relation

Holding meeting with education council (for preparing syllabus), finance committee (budget) and teacher’s

forum (present status of the school) with notice after management meeting.


  1. Arranging Lunch during 5th September and on Sports day and arranging Picnic in winter for teachers..
  2. Chalking out the detailed plan for sports and making the sports a successful event.
  3. Checking final list of all the staffs and students and with telephone number.
  4. Taking the admission test of the new students.
  5. Apprise the guardian about new school timing, fees structure, visiting hour with Principal, office hour.
  6. Making the curriculum of school for entire session, with the teacher.
  7. Organizing a health camp for students and teachers.
  8. Taking back all the books from the teachers.
  9. Stock checking in office, library and laboratories (P,C,M,BIO and COMP).
  10. Fixing up the school timings of different classes. Visiting hour of Principal
  11. Annual fees, Session fees, Lab charges from VIII-XII, Computer course fees from V-XII, Caution money

refundable, Examination fees, Library Fees, Tuition fees, Sports, Annual Program, Saraswati Puja fees,

Electric Bill, Hostel charges, Bus and Van fees, Coaching Class fees for academically poor students.

  1. Holding meeting with education council, finance committee and teacher’s forum (fortnightly) with notice.
  2. Arranging annual program for students.
  3. Arranging Saraswati Puja with lunch in the school premises.


  1. a) Prepare an annual budget.

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