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In this blog “Values To Be Taught By A Principal” we will discuss some very important issues and values, which a Principal of a school must teach in his school

Being a Principal of a school, one should never compromise with the teaching qualities. The Principal should guide the teachers and authorities of the managements accordingly. Side by side he should also teach the different values of life.

Being a Principal of a school, one should keep the following items in the mind.

1. Value of time: If a teacher comes late in school, then by default another teacher will come late. Then students will also come late. Therefore the assembly will start late and it will end late. This will hamper the first period. If the first period is late by five minutes then in one month 5×25 = 125 minutes late that is nearly one and half hours. In one year, 12 x One and half hour = 18 hours late. So there will be no progress in the progress report. Thus the reputation of the school will hamper. So strict warning should be given to the late comers.

2. Self Control: According to Mahatma Gandhi, the most difficult thing is to control oneself. So, he is the strongest
person who can control himself.

A king can everybody but can not control himself where as a monk can control himself but can not control
everybody. But a learned man can control himself as well as everybody.

3. Maintaining communal harmony. It is very important so far the national integration is concerned.

4. Stress on female child education: A girl becomes wife of person and then mother of a child. So if she becomes greedy then her husband and son/daughter will start taking bribe to make her happy and the nation will be shaken by its roots. So the girls are the backbone of a nation. So they must be taught the differences between need and greed.

5. School is a miniature society. A school is run by the different teaching and non-teaching staff which is analogous to the outer bigger society where people of different professions are present, so a school can be regarded as a miniature society. So all the students must behave properly and stick to the Rules and Regulation of the school. So that he can become a law abiding citizen in future.

6. Community development: Since the outer bigger society controls this small society (school) so the community close by to the school is very important and therefore the community should be developed with the school by taking ten poor but meritorious students from that community. So all the people close by to the school will feel that they are the integral member of the school. And they will protect the school from any hazard.

7. Students must follow the ideals of Swami Vivekananda. Some are given below

  1. Education is the manifestation of the perfection already in man.
  2. Set the goal and stop not till the goal is reached.
  3. One must have three faiths: faith in himself, faith on God and faith on others8. Professionalism: To do a job without any error and right on time.

A school is known by four “L”s (lawn, library, laboratories and lavatories. So being a Principal of the school one has to keep an eye on these four “L”s.

John’s mother gifted him a plastic wrist watch for Rs. 100 on his birthday
John received a wrist watch from his friend for Rs. 10000 on his same birthday

Now the watch received from his friend has a very high economic value but the watch received from his mother has got very high emotional value.

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