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          Creativity is making imaginative and new ideas into reality. In general, creativity requires commitment and passion for the work. With the help of creativity, kids get more ingenuity and out of the box thinking. Children could learn about the world with the help of imaginative and creative play. Great opportunities are possible only if kids participate creatively.

Parents could make their children play with dough, creating recipes by mixing mud and water, working with art materials, splashing in puddles, etc., Every parent expects their children to be more creative in everything that they do. The ability to be visionary and insightful or to create something from personal feelings and experiences can reflect the child emotionally.

How important is creativity?       

Creativity brings your inner thoughts and make you very self-expressive which results in showcasing your uniqueness to the world. Creativity also develops the child both mentally and physically by providing certain opportunities for trying out advanced ideas, new ways of thinking and solving the problem. Indulging the kids in the creative activities helps them to stand ahead from their peers and it is good for those who are mentoring them, since it provides an opportunity to train them in that particulars. Creative experience helps the child to cope and express their inner feelings. Being creative in the early stage, it helps the kid in developing its cognitive skills, language, social and emotional. This makes them feel good about themselves, help them experience the joy of being unique and different. Teens could find individuality when compared to peers. 

Tips for fostering creativity   

          Below are some tips for nurturing your children with creative and innovations:

  • Allow your children to explore the surroundings. Allow them to seek their own questions by exploring the environment. Also, help your child to arrive at interesting answers to the question. Allow them to spend some time outdoors. It provides opportunities for creativity and devising.
  • Through painting, collage, sculpture or clay they can express their innovative ideas. Encourage the art projects done by your children. Art is one form of creative expression that develops imagination and uniqueness for your kid. By performing art activities, develop fine motor skills and coordination between eye and hand. Moreover, it builds confidence among your children.
  • Make your child read countless stories and novels. It could develop a reading habit and imaginative skills. Parents should Makeup stories with your child, making her the main character. Sometimes propose moral and tricky situations.  
  • Encourage your kid to play house, doctor, space station, farm or store. Parents could also join the imaginative play by taking a role in it. Allow your child to play with stuffed toys, puppets, and clay. Let both kids and parents have playtime together.
  • Parents should always ask questions to their children to provoke innovative and creative thinking. Parents should invite the children to express his/her ideas, share their vision. The parent should give some important ideas.
  • The most important thing while nurturing creativity is to limit screen time (Television, tablets, laptops, smartphones, games). The passive way of learning for children always focuses on the screen. An alternative method is to encourage the children. Unstructured and unscheduled time allows the kid to experience more opportunities for creativity and innovations.

Play Creatively

          Innovative and creative play is expressed when the kid uses familiar things in a new, imaginative or unusual way. Play which helps a lot in developing a sensory exploration as early as babyhood. With the help of continuous creative play, the ability to handle a difficult task becomes easy for a kid. With the help of lego blocks, children challenge many mental games having to do with measurements, build, equality, and physical properties. For Example puzzle games like 3-in-1-wooden-puzzle. Dramatic play helps the kid to experience the imaginative and social roles. It can give diverse opportunities for obtaining social skills as they play with their fellow mates. Moreover, through dramatic play, they could learn from each other needs into account and recognize different values and morals from others. When they play, they get relieved from stress and eventually put them out of the pressure. Through playing, kids could achieve mastery of their environment. When you observe a child’s playing activity, it is very self expressive which draws a power of passion. Childhood is the time when your kid is still developing his powerful brain. It is only the time where he/she can explore more and grow in the direction the kid wishes. By nurturing creativity, the child could develop his/her own potential and achieve high in society. 


          Creativity is fundamentally more important in childhood. In the early years, parents should set and equip the child with a whole way of learning, exploring and understanding the world. Parents should allow them to explore new possibilities in the way in which they learn. Children’s creativity must be extended by the provision of support for their exploration and curiosity. Children must be provided with more opportunities to explore and share their thoughts, feelings and creative ideas.  Creativity and innovation in children are more intrinsic, more involved and holistic processes. Earlier days of childhood is the best time to develop your child’s creativity and imagination skills.  Parents also play an important role in developing creativity in children. Parents should motivate and encourage each and every activity which is done by the kid and also allow them to play.

Varshini Murali is a content strategist of SchoolBasix, who research on latest topics what education industry speaks about. Specializes in handling blogs that potential means of marketing and circulating across social media and holds a masters degree in marketing.

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Varshini Murali

Varshini Murali is a content strategist of SchoolBasix , who research on the latest topics that the education industry speaks about. Specializes in handling blogs that potential means of marketing and circulating across social media and holds a master's degree in marketing.

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