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At Science Reckoner, we would like to invite all new writers and regular bloggers to write for our blog.


We would like to bring similar minded people and build contact and long-term relationship and share each other’s links.  So, if you think you have what it takes to write for us, then we would love to hear from you!

Topics to Write About:

We are only looking for quality content that matches our criteria.  Here is a list of some general subjects that we are interested in, which you can write an in-depth post about something related or of interest for our readers:

  • Classroom Teaching
  • Teaching Science Subjects like Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Mathematics
  • Online Teaching Opportunities
  • Influence of Technology on Classroom Teaching
  • Freelance Writing
  • Trends about E-Learning
  • Web traffic and SEO strategies
  • Social Networks – Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn,  YouTube, etc.
  • General Blogging

Guidelines for post submission:

  • Posts must be “AT LEAST!” 700+ words long, preferably more.  We only want the best for our readers and posts shorter than this tend to be less helpful.
  • We only accept articles that are written in English right now.  The post should have following format
    • Title:  Name of the post, Name of the author, Affiliation of the author, Email ID
    • Abstract:  This should not normally exceed 200 words
    • Introduction:  Briefly describing the context of the post
    • Main body:  This may also include text, tables, diagrams, images
    • Conclusion:  Summarizing the finding of the post
    • References:  Complete and correct referencing is the obligation of the author and shall be presented alphabetically.
    • Tables and diagrams/photos should appear near the relevant text
    • tables should be easily legible
    • diagrams/photos should be clear and sharp
  • Articles must be written by you and must be totally original.  Submissions will be checked for copyright issues.
  • Bad or offensive language are not allowed.
  • We reserve the right to format or edit the submitted article as deemed necessary by editorial team.  This usually involves correcting spelling & grammar and adding any additional images needed to make the article more visually appealing, though it will depend on the post itself.

Authors will be provided Credit:

On successful submission of article, the authors will be given full credit at the bottom of the post with featured ‘bio.’ Here you can include information about your website and your social media handles.  Look at the  example below:

Author Credit and Bio - Science Reckoner - Education Blog

Write For Us !

Please fill out the form below to get in touch with us and let us know what you are interested in writing for us.  Feel free to list some post ideas for us to look over.  Links to past works are also allowed.

Please note that we get lot’s of requests sent to us everyday, so we are not always able to get back to you right away.  It usually takes us 2-3 days to go through all submissions, so please be patient. We will get back to you to let you know.

We look forward to hearing from you and reading your submission.